McCain is an idiot

McCain said “My friends” 24 times during the debate. We are not his friends!

Every statistic he used was “95%”. There is no way he’s not making that up.

“Nuclear power. Senator Obama says that it has to be safe or disposable or something like that.” Wtf? Um, does McCain not think nuclear power should be safe? Or just not know what he’s talking about whatsoever?

That one.”

He practically gave the audience lapdances.

And completely talked down to them. His tone of voice was condescending, he said that they probably never heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before… Does he really think the way to get people to vote for him is to treat them like idiots?


Speaking of people doing the wrong thing to get people to vote for McCain, a few weeks ago I went with Peace Club to see Amnesty International’s model Gitmo cell in Santa Monica. Nearby was an Obama/Biden booth and a McCain/Palin booth. We talked to the people in the Obama/Biden booth and one of my friends bought a button, and then we went over to argue with the people at the McCain/Palin booth. The first guy we talked to was an ex-military guy who didn’t think McCain was conservative enough. We talked to him about Guantanamo and he agreed that innocent people shouldn’t be held and people should be given trials, and agreed to read an article in the Amnesty International magazine.

Then I started to talk to this other guy, and we started arguing about Iraq, and I don’t remember exactly what we said but it ended with him waving his finger in my face yelling, “We did not put the Taliban in power! We did not put the Taliban in power! We did not put the Taliban in power! We did not put the Taliban in power!”

“Uh, I have to go now,” I finally mumbled, and turned away from him. Unfortunately, my friends were deep in conversation with someone else, so to get away from the guy Iwandered around to the other side of the booth where some random people who’d been passing by were watching someone talk to another guy from the McCain/Palin booth.

“Say I’m an undecided voter,” he told the guy from the McCain/Palin booth. “What’s one reason I should vote for McCain?”

“We don’t want your vote! We don’t need your vote!” the guy screamed.

Uh, yeah. If you’re at a booth for a political candidate, you’re probably there to try to convince people to vote for your candidate. And that is not how to do it.



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