Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber was mentioned, by both candidates, 26 times (2 more times than McCain said “My friends” in the last debate).
The funny thing is, I used to know a plumber named Joe who actually called himself “Joe the plumber.” He was psychotic and abusive.
I don’t think it’s the same guy, since the “Joe the plumber” they were talking about is from Ohio and probably doesn’t even describe himself as Joe the plumber. Still, it was weird.
Besides for that, tonight’s debate was the most interesting of the three. Did McCain really say that while he would nominate judges for the Supreme Court based on qualifications, anyone who agreed with Roe v. Wade wouldn’t be qualified? Wtf? And that people in the military shouldn’t have to go through any more education or have to get a credential to become teachers? Because learning to kill people clearly makes you qualified to teah children. Not that soldier’s can’t be good teachers, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t have to get the smae credentials as anyone else. Especially since there’s not exactly a shortage of teachers right now, huge amounts of teachers are getting laid off or loosing their classes.
About McCain’s position on torture- he was against it a long time ago, then he was for it- is he currently against it? Obama congratulated him on his position, but I thought his position was that waterboarding was okay? Hopefully he changed his mind?
And also- Sarah Palin’s son isn’t autistic, he has Down’s Syndrome- there’s a pretty huge difference there.
I loved Obama’s response to that though- that if McCain is saying Sarah Palin will help special needs children, that won’t happen with a budget freeze. Not that it’s likely Sarah Palin would do anything for children with special needs anyway, or anyone else- I completely hate her, but I’ll go into that when I’m less tired. (My main issues with her are that she kills wolves, wants to kill polar bears, is completely anti-choice, made women who were raped pay for their own rape-kits, wanted to ban books…


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